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Rent Crossover cars in Dubai

Crossover cars rental in Dubai


Are you looking MID size SUV? Pay less and rent Crossover

Off-road vehicle rental in UAE attracts its advantages and adequate rates. Crossover, jeep, SUV - all these are designations of the same powerful and roomy car, which is so convenient to rent when the need arises.

Crossover rental in UAE will come in handy when you need:
* transport 8 people with things, for example, to a picnic, nature or to another city in a comfortable car;
* not only be in time for an important meeting but also demonstrate your status as a successful business person;
* meet official guests at the airport and deliver them to the desired point;
* safely and quickly transport personal valuables, documents, and money;
* rent an SUV for a timed solemn event: wedding, anniversary, etc.

In fact, we've only mentioned the most common and topical reasons why people rent crossovers. We would like to dwell on the most frequently rented SUVs in Dubai and the UAE in general.


Mazda CX 5

The Mazda CX-5 belongs to a new generation of cars designed to deliver driving pleasure. It has already proved itself to be excellent in UAE and in other countries. Its high agility, economy, stylish design, and high dynamics attract attention not only as its own car, but also as a rental car.

Rent Mazda CX-5 in UAE for about 160 AED a day. 

* Engine - 2.2L (175 hp);
* Fuel consumption - 6.7L / 100 km;
* The volume of the fuel tank - 58 L;
* Car drive - full;
* Trunk volume - 477 L;
* Maximum speed - 194 km / h;
* Acceleration to 100 km / h - 8 seconds.

The developers of the Mazda CX-5 have put great functionality into the car and strive to make efficient use of intelligent functions. The interior of the cabin pleasantly surprises with a reasonable combination of soft but durable materials and chrome parts. Everything is stylish and attractive.


Range Rover Sport

What does Range Rover Sport look like? As befits a luxury car: brutal, solid, expensive. Speaking specifically about the SVR modification, it differs from the usual one with powerful bumpers, large discs of the 21st radius, a long brake light strip on the upper spoiler of the trunk lid, and four exhaust pipes.

Under the hood of the Range, Rover Sport SVR is a five-liter turbo monster with 550 horsepower. An eight-speed "automatic" ZF works in tandem with the motor.

 On the road, you will feel omnipotent. 

Range Rover Sport can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4,7 seconds and reach a maximum of 260 kilometers per hour.

* brutal appearance;
* amazing dynamics;
* perfect smoothness of the course.

Range Rover Sport's rental price in Dubai is about 700 AED per day.


Range Rover Evoque 

Range Rover Evoque is a premium SUV. Hiring this car you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, luxury, or off-road capability.

This premium crossover has power, modern looks, and easy handling. It will be an excellent choice for a car rental if you plan to travel out of town with your family or company.

The interior emphasizes the sense of luxury.  The materials used in the decoration are of the highest quality, which is in perfect harmony with each other.

Chrome inserts and soft curves of the insert in the exterior of lightness and dynamism. The play of light and shade of the wave creates the impression that a car cuts the air.

* Engine - 2.0L, (290 hp);
* Fuel consumption - 7.4L/ 100 km;
* Fuel tank volume - 60L;
* Car drive - full;
* Trunk volume - 576L;
* Maximum speed - 199 km / h;
* Acceleration to 100 km / h - 9.8 seconds.

Range Rover Evoque rental price in UAE is about 500 AED per day. 


Hyundai Creta 2.0 

Hyundai Creta is an SUV that helps to overcome any obstacles, will support you in any activities, even the most daring ones. This car is designed for those who like to have an active rest and are not afraid of difficulties.

Any route on the map will not become a stop or an insurmountable obstacle for this car.  Each trip will be an exciting adventure.

The car feels well and holds the road, it also easily and quickly obeys the driver's commands. Hyundai Creta rental in UAE means reliability, safety, and comfort. 

 The car is serious, daring, strong. The main thing is that the car looks elegant. The engine is started by simply pressing a button. Also, a parking sensor is installed at the back, allowing you to park without emergency situations. Hyundai Creta's rental price in UAE is approximately AED 120 a day. 

* Engine - 2.0L (149 hp);
* Fuel consumption - 10.6L / 100 km;
* Fuel tank volume - 55L;
* Car drive - full;
* Trunk volume - 402L;
* Maximum speed - 179 km / h;
* Acceleration to 100 km / h - 11.3 seconds.


Infiniti QX60

The Infiniti QX60 is a respectable SUV with manufacturer-specific design elements: a curved radiator grille, convex wheel arches, and a bonnet.

The 7-seater crossover is sporty and dynamic. Thanks to its lightweight design, it fits better into corners.

The spacious cabin has plenty of legroom, so even back row passengers can sit comfortably without discomfort.

* Engine - 2.5L (231 hp);
* Fuel consumption - 7.3L / 100 km;
* Fuel tank volume - 73 L;
* Car drive - full;
* Trunk volume - 447L;
* Maximum speed - 190 km / h;
* Acceleration to 100 km / h - 8.6 seconds.

The advantages of the ELITE package
* interior decoration with wooden elements;
* climate control with ionizer and air purifier;
* multimedia system with remote control;
* Rain sensor;
* parking assistance system.

The Infiniti QX60 rental price in UAE is about AED 299 a day and the best option for daily commuting in and out of the city.


Mercedes GLC 63 S 

Mercedes GLC 63 S is a monster of strength and agility. Mercedes GLC 63 S rental in UAE will give you an intense sensation without neglecting your comfort because its interior is equipped with the best technology.

* Power - 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine l (510 hp);
* Fuel consumption - 12L / 100 km;
* Trunk volume - 500L;
* Car drive - full;
* Maximum speed - 280 km / h;
* Acceleration to 100 km / h - 3.8 seconds.

Mercedes Benz GLS 63 SUV liner designed for fast and comfortable transportation of 7 people over long distances. The 557-horsepower AMG engine, coupled with the characteristic growling exhaust, will give an unforgettable experience to anyone who hires a Mercedes GL 63 AMG.  The huge white interior accommodates three rows of seats and a large trunk.

Mercedes GLC 63 S AMG rental price starts from AED 800 per day.


Kia Sportage 

This stylish compact SUV with all-wheel drive and luxury equipment will certainly not get lost in the crowd. Its sporty appearance, unique design, and wealth of options make it the ideal vehicle for renting cars in UAE. KIA Sportage rental in UAE is perfect for city trips, autobahn, or dirt roads.

The interior of the car is impressive.  Comfortable steering wheel, pleasant to the touch finishing materials, instrument design - everything is made in the same style and looks harmonious. There is climate control, a 7-inch screen with navigation, a rearview camera, and other options.

* Power - 2,4L (150 hp);
* Fuel consumption - 6.1L / 100 km;
* The volume of the fuel tank is 62L;
* Car drive - front;
* Trunk volume - 491 L;
* Maximum speed - 181 km / h;
* Acceleration to 100 km / h - 11.1 seconds.

There is enough space in the cabin for everyone. Despite its impressive appearance, the car consumes little fuel - 8.3 liters for every 100 km. Thanks to the improved suspension, the car passes all the bumps on the road quite smoothly.

KIA Sportage rental price in Dubai and other Emirates is about AED 255 a day. This car is ideal as a car for a family trip to nature. It has enough space to accommodate the comfort of a large company and also to take luggage with you. It will be a great choice for any trip.