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Rent Infiniti in Dubai

Infiniti rental in Dubai

  • Red Infiniti QX80, 2021 Free deliveryFree delivery Full insuranceFull insurance credit cardRefundable deposit 3,000 AED 5% VAT Tax included5% VAT Tax included speedometr Allowed mileage 250 km a day
    Very good 5 review
    Free cancellation available
    650 AED
    500 AED day
    Monthly price by request

Rent Infiniti in Dubai

Infiniti brand is a wealth of interior trim, a high degree of safety, and excellent driving performance. But besides the excellent appearance, all cars are equipped with the most advanced equipment and the latest electronics.

All vehicles of this brand embody excellent dynamic qualities, as well as a special atmosphere of luxury and comfort for passengers and the driver.


Rent Infiniti FX in Dubai

This car cannot be confused with any other.

The revolutionary design of the Infiniti Q60 is immediately striking and memorable.


* 350 horsepower 
* V6 engine
* 100km/h in 6.8 seconds 

There is no need to worry about gear shifting, because the seven-speed automatic transmission does its job perfectly well, without creating any problems for the driver.

The electronic equipment of Japanese cars has always been exemplary. Infiniti FX is no exception. Regarding the security systems this model equipped with anti-slip, ABS, EBA, EBD systems and with active head restraints for the front seats. In addition, the car has good off-road properties, since it has a permanent four-wheel drive.

The Infiniti FX is worthy of the utmost attention. It definitely has its own style and its own character.


Infiniti QX80 rental in UAE

Rent a full-size premium SUV Infiniti QX80 in UAE for 1200 AED / day. The car is based on the 2018 Nissan Patrol platform. It has a 405 horsepower 32 valve DOHC engine.  Accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.

The letter “Q” means that the model in the Infiniti lineup is top-end, luxury. The seven-seat leather interior has two-zone climate control with the air purifier.

All-Mode 4WD drive system with Auto, 4H, and 4L modes, "Hydraulic Body Motion Control", VDC, EBD, TCS, and many other systems will provide sufficient safety and peace of mind for the driver and passengers.

Infiniti connoisseurs note the quality of the interior, the "muscularity" of the appearance, and the excellent navigation "Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System".


Hire Infiniti Q50 premium sedan in Dubai

Car rental has long been a popular service in UAE. Today such a service is becoming increasingly important in UAE due to the opportunities and benefits that the client receives.

Renting an Infiniti Q50 in Dubai can be useful if you are looking to purchase this model and want to get to know it better. Within a few days, you can get a large amount of information about this car, assess the operational capabilities, comfort, etc.

Coming to Dubai on vacation or on business, you can ensure yourself free movement around the city and suburban areas without the need to waste time on public transport. The advantages of the Infiniti Q50 model include its economy.

* Capacity: 5 people
* Engine: 211 hp
* Consumption: 11L / 100km

There are a number of reasons why you need to rent Infiniti Q50 in rental service.

* In the event of a car breakdown, you can safely wait for the completion of the repair and live as usual by renting a stylish and dynamic Infiniti Q50 car in Dubai. 

* Renting a car without a driver is an excellent opportunity for tourists who can see a large number of attractions in a short time without being tied to a tour desk or travel agency.

* A special convenience is car rental for travelers with children. Together with the car, the company provides seats for transporting children in the car. The Infiniti Q50 model boasts not only a high level of comfort but also safety.

* In order to make a good impression on a nonresident business partner, you can rent this executive or business class model.

 Driving such a car is a real pleasure!  See for yourself by renting an Infiniti Q50 in UAE for about 220 AED per day. 


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