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Rent Tesla in Dubai

Tesla rental in Dubai

    Silver Tesla Model X, 2021 Free deliveryFree delivery Full insuranceFull insurance credit cardRefundable deposit 5,000 AED 5% VAT Tax included5% VAT Tax included speedometr Allowed mileage 250 km a day
    Very good 5 review
    Free cancellation available
    1,500 AED day
    Monthly price by request

Tesla rental in Dubai

If you are interested in the future and you want to touch it today, then this has become possible. Rent Tesla in UAE and feel what we will all be driving in 5-10 years.

No any review on the Internet will convey tactile sensations and self-driving experience of Tesla - the first car with an electric motor.

If you are looking at buying a Tesla, but are not sure whether it will suit you or not and want to carry out a test drive first, then renting Tesla is just the way for you. By renting Tesla in Dubai for any period of time, you can safely and slowly get acquainted with all the functionality and drive more than one hundred kilometers.

Rent an electric SUV Tesla Model X in Dubai

Tesla Model X is the pinnacle of the automotive industry and one of the most technologically advanced crossovers in the world. Complies with environmental standards and has a high level of safety. High protection of the body against deformation is ensured by a completely new alloy of steel and aluminum.  The car received five stars according to the Euro NCAP safety rating. Even in the event of an accident, tests have shown that the car reduces the risk of injury to the front passenger, driver and rear passenger.

The electric vehicle is designed for comfortable travel. The capacitive rechargeable battery allows you to travel up to 520 km on a single charge. Tesla Model X rental in Dubai is possible with additional equipment, including a child seat or roof rack for transporting sports equipment.

An all-wheel drive vehicle provides comfortable movement on any road surface.  Another important plus of a car is the presence of a large number of sensors and video cameras. Maximum 360-degree visibility is ensured by the operation of the sensors in a circle. The front radar analyzes the vehicle in front up to 160 meters away. Also, 12 sensors help during parking and driving in heavy traffic, and also transmit information about the traffic situation to the on-board computer.

Tesla Model X accelerates to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. 

The minimalist interior includes a large 17-inch touchscreen display. With it, you can select any characteristic or mode of operation of the car.

Tesla Model X rental price in Dubai is about 1.500 AED per day.

Here are some of the specifications about the Tesla Model S:

We offer you to consider renting Tesla Model S in UAE which is a unique high-tech electric car. The car has a fully electric steering system and stands out for its energy consumption - 450 km in accordance with the WLTP standard. The model we offer is all-wheel drive and has two electric motors for front and rear drive.

The new Tesla Model S is a great choice for luxury car rental. The car has many additional features and a first-class design.  Comfortable and incredibly luxurious interior.  The car is equipped with the latest technology and many additional options for your convenience. Excellent workmanship combined with two electric motors and an impressive 332 hp make driving comfortable.

The S model makes you feel confident and safe while driving. Passengers are protected from side impacts by aluminum columns and reinforced steel rails. In the event of an accident, six airbags protect passengers in the front and rear, and the on-board system is automatically disconnected from the high voltage.

*Power 332 hp
*Top speed 225 km/h
*Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 4.4 sec.
Tesla Model S rental price in Dubai is about 1.500 AED per day.

Can I rent Tesla Roadster in Dubai? Not yet, but here are some facts about the car:

It is the fastest car in the world - with record acceleration, range and performance. Most world speed records have been broken, four-seater saloon with targa roof, quarter mile covered in 8.9 seconds, three electric motors, 200 kWh battery, full charge range 1000 km, top speed 400  km/h, many aerodynamic solutions (rear diffuser, active wing, etc.) to realize the high-speed potential.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds - this makes the Tesla Roadster the first production car to break the 2.2-second barrier in the 0-100 km/h test. The maximum speed is 400 km / h.

The Tesla Roadster is powered by a new 200 kWh battery pack that sends its stunning flow of power to three motors - one in the front and two in the back.

Lots of matte metal and carbon fiber give this sports car the premium feel you'd expect from a $200,000 (US) sports car. The lack of a dashboard is offset by a huge display located in the center console that shows navigation, speed and similar characteristics.  

Rent a Tesla and discover the high tech and machines of the future. There are also other cars available for rent in Dubai.


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