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Rent Nissan in Dubai

Nissan rental in Dubai

  • Silver Nissan Patrol, 2020

    This car is available 3 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 3,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    400 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

    Black Nissan Patrol, 2021

    This car is available 4 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 3,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    400 AED / day
    Monthly price by request
  • White Nissan Patrol, 2021

    This car is available 4 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 3,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    750 AED 450 AED / day
    Monthly price by request
  • Black Nissan Patrol, 2020

    This car is available 2 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 3,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    860 AED / day
    Monthly price by request
  • White Nissan Patrol, 2020

    The car is rented out

    Refundable deposit 5,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    900 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

The secret to the popularity of Nissan cars is their relevance. Developers from the first years carefully tracked trends and brought them to life. So the Japanese brand, created in 1933, has become one of the most popular and well-known not only in Japan, but also on the world stage.


Why Emirates love Nissan Patrol? Rent the Nissan Patrol in Dubai to understand it

Nissan Patrol is a cross-country vehicle, so it can overcome off-road without any problems.

The sixth generation Nissan Patrol has undergone significant design changes and differs from its predecessors for the better.  Now it is not just a brutal and utilitarian SUV - Patrol has its own style and charisma that distinguish it from the general mass of cars.  First of all, we are talking about impressive external dimensions. The height and width are almost two meters - 1940 and 1995 millimeters. Whereas the length is 5160 millimeters.

Engine power 160 horsepower. The maximum speed of the car is 165 km/h. The car accelerates to a hundred in 15 seconds, which is a very good result for such a heavy car weighing more than 2 tons. Fuel consumption varies from 9 to 15 liters per 100 km.

When overcoming obstacles, the stabilization system is automatically turned off, which allows you to smoothly drive through hills and pits.

Car has the spacious trunk with a volume of 810 liters. If you fold the rear seats, then it will be 1370 liters at all.

The salon is stylish. The seats are equipped with lateral support, which does not put pressure on the driver while driving. In addition, it is adjustable in 3 planes. The second and third rows of seats are located so that passengers will be quite comfortable in the car.

Inside the salon it is cozy, at the same time luxurious and functional. The car interior is made of high quality plastic with wood inserts.

The wide center console is replete with various keys, but they are easy to use - the organization is logical and intuitive. The multimedia system has a large touch screen on which you can display information from all-round cameras, navigation system readings, as well as data from mobile devices. The driver's seat is comfortable and long journeys do not tire. The second passenger row has its own climate system and a comfortable sofa, as for the third row, it may well accommodate an adult up to 175 centimeters tall. The luggage compartment is 550 liters.

Nissan Patrol is suitable for all occasions.  This is a comfortable SUV with rich equipment and a high-torque engine. Therefore, it is imperative to rent Nissan Patrol in UAE for about 450 AED per day and evaluate it yourself.


The best economy crossover in Dubai is Nissan Qashqai

The latest Nissan Qashqai models are in no way inferior to their early counterparts.  Gradually improving their designs, the creators managed to bring together the best characteristics of this class, and the result obtained rapidly gained popularity.

The Nissan Qashqai was once the main breakout and sensation of the season. And the secret of the stunning success was as simple as possible: no analogues. The international market was sorely lacking a functional and practical hybrid of a passenger hatchback and an all-wheel drive crossover.

* Many motorists prefer renting Nissan Qashqai in Dubai, because this car is great for city roads;
* A pleasant plus of the model is an ergonomic, comfortable panel;
* To track information and control indicators - concise and clear information display;
* On the steering wheel - many convenient and functional buttons for the convenience of the driver;
* High-quality air ducts make your stay in the cabin pleasant and comfortable;
* Sensitive automatic transmission simplifies control even more;
* Automated systems reduce fuel consumption;
* Behind the fashionable modern exterior is a spacious, roomy interior.

Nissan Qashqai is the choice of those who are not ready for compromises and want to get the most out of the management of large vehicles.  If you are interested in renting a Nissan Qashqai in UAE, first familiarize yourself with the advantages of a car.

The updated Qashqai body looks futuristic, sporty and at the same time elegant. The dynamic design is complemented by "sharp headlights", which have received an adaptive front lighting system. The spacious interior is soundproofed, equipped with modern electronics and perfectly assembled.  

European interior design involves an on-board computer, dual-zone climate control and a 5-inch display. Qashqai has perfectly thought out car seat. Now you can choose a lower fit, as well as memorize the position of the seat and mirrors for 2 people. There is enough space in the cabin for 5 passengers without discomfort for the knees or back. The new model is 15 mm lower, 26 mm wider and 47 mm longer than the previous car. Nissan Qashqai rental in Dubai is popular in many respects due to the trunk increased by 20 liters. It now opens 150 mm higher and the adjustable shelves allow you to conveniently divide the space. If you fold the rear seat, then the overall things will fit inside.

The model is presented with a diesel and gasoline engine, therefore, depending on the volume, fuel consumption is determined. Turbo engines provide 110 to 150 hp and are quite economical. 

Nissan Qashqai rental in UAE will leave a pleasant experience due to its soft suspension.  The crossover easily passes potholed areas, does not transmit vibration to the passenger compartment and is equipped with good two-piston shock absorbers.  The modern braking system in conjunction with the Xtronic automatic transmission provides instant response on the road.

The crossover uses a number of innovative solutions aimed at the safety of the driver and passengers. Nissan Qashqai rental is suitable for those who care about themselves and those around them. Nissan Qashqai rental price in Dubai is 350 AED.


Rent Nissan Murano in Dubai

Recently, crossovers have gained particular popularity due to modern equipment and a presentable exterior. The striking representative of the class is Nissan Murano 2020. The new versions of this brand are distinguished by high-quality interior and thoughtful exterior.

The 2020 Nissan Murano is a premium sports crossover. It is distinguished by the following features:

* Significant body dimensions with a clearance of 184 mm. This allows for increased comfort in the passenger compartment.
* Trunk volume - 450 liters. If you fold the backrests, you can triple the space.
* The volume of the power unit is 3.5 liters.  allows you to develop a power of 260 hp. Maximum speed is 210 km/h. 

The novelty differs from its predecessor not only in performance, but also in the interior.  

Some reasons to rent Nissan Murano in UAE are:
* Increased streamlining of the front end.
* Simple design of the radiator grille, typical for all modern Nissan generations.
* Sophisticated shape of head optics with sharp tops, typical for a sporty style.
* Simple shape of the front bumper and niches for foglights located on the sides.
* Plastic protection in a sporty style.
* A slight slope of the roof towards the rear improves the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.
* Improved glass shape with chrome trim on the edges.