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Rent Ferrari in Dubai

Ferrari Rental in Dubai


Rent a Ferrari in Dubai and enjoy the limitless possibilities of this supercar

Ferrari cars are the object of every man's dreams since childhood.
Years of experience in luxury cars production have made a Ferrari the undisputed leader in the industry, producing a car with perfect design and unrivaled technical capabilities. Ferrari luxury cars are the epitome of classic design and the latest technology in the automotive industry.
You can truly appreciate the beauty of the UAE only behind the wheel of the legendary Ferrari. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai and spend an unforgettable time!

Why choose a Ferrari?

There are many reasons why should you rent Ferrari. And there are just a few of them:

•    feel the real power of a racing car;
•    feel yourself in the place of a Formula 1 pilot;
•    make a memorable photo session;
•    raise your image among friends and acquaintances;
•    meet business partners;
•    make a gift to your loved one;
•    celebrate a meaningful event. 

Who rents a Ferrari in Dubai?

Ferrari suits all customers. But most often in our car rental company, this supercar is rented by:

•    tourists;
•    influencers;
•    media people,
•    cryptocurrencies,
•    people who love speed;
•    professional sportsmen.

Ferrari 488 Spider is the magnificent  and ultra-efficient supercar

The magnificent convertible Ferrari 488 Spider is the most powerful mid-engined convertible from Ferrari to date.
The elegant aerodynamic design of the Ferrari 488 Spider not only looks stunning, but also reduces the specific weight of the car, and also allows the driver to balance between downforce and drag.
At the touch of a button, the roof folds into a special compartment in 14 seconds and coupe transforms into luxury convertible. The rear window can also be lowered whether the top is open or not. Pulling down the roof reveals storage space behind the comfortable leather seats.
The interior of the car is equipped with an updated interface of the infotainment system and 12 stereo speakers with a total capacity of 1250 watts. The seats are positioned in such a way that you feel equally comfortable both accelerating to the limit on the track and moderately driving on the highway. Rent a Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai and this car will bring you a brilliant driving experience. Ferrari 488 Spider rental price in the UAE is approximately AED 2.400 a day. 

Drive the highways simply by renting a Ferrari F8 in Dubai and make your childhood dream come true

The F8 model has become in some way a rethinking of the general concept of the company.
The main innovation of the new model is a large touch screen for controlling the media system, located in front of the passenger.
The engine inside a Ferrari F8 is a 3.9-liter V8. This version of the engine has received the title of "Engine of the Year" four times. 
The rental price for Ferrari F8 Spider Tributo in Dubai starts from AED 4.500 per day. 
The dynamics of this car is unsurpassed! As soon as you get behind the wheel of the Ferrari F8 and lightly press the gas pedal, you will not be able to catch up. Why put off this happy moment? You can rent a Ferrari F8 in Dubai right now. 

Ferrari Portofino rental in Dubai will allow you to fully enjoy a mind-blowing ride

Ferrari Portofino boasts the highest level of splendor and beauty and is available in a coupe and convertible body styles. This car is beautiful, but beauty is not its only advantage.
Just imagine how everyone throws admiring glances at you as you drive around the city in this exotic car. You can rent a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai for AED 2.400 a day. 
The chassis and bodywork have been engineered to reduce weight and add rigidity when cornering, and you get a host of luxury options at the wheel of this car. Here you will find a media system with a 10.2-inch touchscreen, an updated steering wheel, seats with 18 electric adjustments, and automatic air conditioning. 
The trunk can hold a lot of things, so you can go on a trip without any problems. This fast sports car will give you everything you can count on and more. Treat yourself to the attention you deserve.

Ferrari Roma rental in Dubai is an ideal option if you are looking for a supercar with a unique look, luxurious interior, and powerful performance

Sports cars from legendary brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren always attract attention and delight. And it is always difficult to choose which supercar to rent in Dubai. We invite you to consider the new Ferrari Roma.
Ferrari Roma is a premium sports coupe designed to delight with its elegance, minimalist style, and power combined with advanced automotive technology. Ferrari Roma retains the concept of sporty elegance.  The basis for the new two-door coupe was the Ferrari Portofino coupe-convertible.

Ferrari Roma has 620 horsepower made by a legendary V8 engine. The car is considered the most powerful in its class, surpassing even the Ferrari Portofino. The ideal power-to-weight ratio gives this RWD supercar incredible agility.
Driving a Ferrari Roma is a real pleasure. This sports car accelerates to a hundred in 3.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 340 km / h.
The interior of the two-seater Ferrari Roma is luxurious. Exclusive materials such as Frau leather, Alcantara, chrome-plated aluminum, and carbon fiber have been used for its decoration.

Is it a good idea to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Of course, it's. In Dubai, the prices for sports car rental are considered one of the most favorable among other countries. Plus, you will have a lot of fun driving your Ferrari in Dubai. This is thanks to the perfectly flat roads, great views and, of course, the rental cars that you receive in perfect condition.

What season is better for Ferrari rental in Dubai?

You can rent a Ferrari in Dubai all year round. But the price will be different depending on the season:
Summer "low season". It lasts from May to August. During this period, prices for Ferrari are more affordable and various discounts are available.
Winter "high season". Duration from September to April. Car rental prices rise during this period.

How can I get my rental car?

We have a free car delivery service anywhere in Dubai. Also, at the end of the rental period, our employee will pick up the car.

What are insurance in Dubai?

Car insurance is a mandatory procedure in the United Arab Emirates. There are several types of insurance. 
Basic. This type of insurance is included when renting any car with DRC. If the accident occurred through no fault of yours, the insurance fully covers all costs and we replace your car of the same class; in case of an accident through your fault, you pay 15% of the cost of the repair + access amount from 2000 to 15000 AED, depending on the class of the car.
CDW insurance - full insurance, not always available depending on the class and model of the car. In the case of full insurance, all possible cases are paid by the insurance company. This service costs extra money, usually a lot.

What documents are needed to rent a car in Dubai?

For residents of the UAE, an Emirates ID and driver's license are enough. If you are a tourist you will need to provide a passport and driver's license.

What methods of payment are available?

We provide our clients with several payment methods:

  • payment by credit card
  • cash
  • cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT)

The last method is very convenient and has advantages for many of our clients

What is a security deposit and what is it for?

According to the law of renting a car in Dubai, any customer is required to pay a deposit, which is returned within 21 business days after the expiration of the car rental period. If the client has not received a fine or damaged the car, then the deposit is returned in full. Otherwise, an amount equal to fines and damage is deducted from the deposit. 
The amount of the deposit depends on the car, usually, the amount ranges from 1000 to 5000 AED. The money is returned to the card. A refund is possible in cash or through WU.

Where can I travel by rented car?

You can travel to any place around the UAE. But it is important not to forget about the mileage limit. The daily limit is 250 km. If you exceed it, there will be a surcharge for this (see the rental agreement, usually from 1 to 21 AED / km). This amount depends on the car model. If you want unlimited mileage, it is also available at an additional cost.