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Vintage cars (mid 50th's)

Are you looking for a vintage car from 50th's in Dubai?

Nostalgia cars from 60th's

We can impress you with our nostalgia sports cars from 60th's

Classic cars from 70th's

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Rent a vintage car in Dubai and emphasize your individuality. Imbued with the mysterious spirit of a bygone era

Have you ever dreamed of being behind the wheel of a legendary car from old movies? Did you want to experience the luxury of yesteryears? If your answer is yes, then we offer you a vintage car rental in Dubai.

Today, nostalgic cars are rented by people who want to stand out and make any event special. Renting a classic car in Dubai allows you to decorate any event and make it special. 

For what events is vintage car rental in Dubai popular?

For fans of limited vintage cars, we offer car rental in Dubai for any occasion at attractive prices.

  • For weddings. In general, our clients rent a vintage car for a wedding. The appearance of the bride and groom in a retro car always causes great delight among the guests of the celebration.  Renting a vintage car in Dubai for a wedding will make this day truly unforgettable. Just imagine how stunning wedding photos will be that can be shown to future children. For such an event, you can order a Jaguar XJS (1984) or a Ford GT (1992) at a bargain price;
  • Discharging a wife with a newborn child is an excellent reason for renting a vintage car in Dubai. Surprise your wife with the luxury cars of the last century. By arranging a photo or video shooting in a beautiful car, you can forever capture the baby's first trip, and this joyful event will never be forgotten;
  • Planning a retro party? Vintage car rental in Dubai is a great choice for the 30s-80s style parties. All your guests will be delighted with your creative ideas;
  • Photo session in retro style. Nothing will add a vintage touch to your photoshoot like a retro car.

It is very easy to rent a retro car in our company. To do this, you just need to contact our operators, choose a car model and place an order. For additional questions, you can also contact our employees. We offer our clients to have at their disposal truly exclusive cars. We are always ready to help you choose the best car. Only with us, you can rent the rarest luxury cars of the past. We have a large selection of exclusive vintage cars such as the legendary Shelby Ford Cobra (1965), Chevrolet Camaro SS (1965-1975),  2nd, 3rd, 4th generations of Corvette and many other "old but gold" cars.