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Rent McLaren in Dubai

McLaren rental in Dubai


Rent McLaren in Dubai

McLaren is synonymous with speed, dynamics, and aesthetics. Despite the small age of the company, which began producing cars in 1992, McLaren not only caught up with its main competitors in the production of supercars but also surpassed them in many ways. Fame came with the introduction of the iconic SLR McLaren, and with the introduction of the P1, the McLaren was taken seriously internationally. Distinctive features of McLaren are striking body lines and fundamental technical solutions.

McLaren engineers have painstakingly honed every millimeter, spending hundreds of hours calculating and testing to perfect its aerodynamic properties so that you can now enjoy the control of this powerful car.

We would like to acquaint you with models from a well-known manufacturer, by which it is simply impossible to pass!


Can I rent Mclaren 570S in Dubai?

The 570S is a masterpiece for people who can't get through a day without speed.  However, high speed on the road is only a plus: time savings and a powerful adrenaline rush.  The 570 Series from McLaren is a combination of splendor and performance. McLaren 570S price in UAE is about 700,000 AED, but if you do not plan to drive it to work every day or for business, it is more expedient to rent a Mclaren in Dubai or other Emirates. The car can accelerate to 200 km/h in just over 9 seconds, and its stability on the road is provided by wheels of different sizes (front R19 and rear R20). The developers sought to combine the speed of racing cars and the comfort of luxury cars. Rent a Mclaren 570S in UAE for about AED 3,500 per day and see if the engineers coped with the task.


Can I find McLaren 650S in Dubai for rental?

The McLaren 650S is an innovative “sports airplane” that was launched in 2018. The novelty has already caught the fancy of those who appreciate the exquisite interior and incredible engine power. Rent McLaren 650S in UAE and experience the power and dynamics of Formula 1 racing, combined with the cutting edge technology and design of a high-speed roadster.

Pay attention to the build quality: the smallest details are thought out. The roof of this roadster goes up and down in just 17 seconds. The car is equipped with a variety of driver assistants: an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, traction control, quick-start system, and other devices that ensure a comfortable driving of McLaren 650S. Rentals for the McLaren 650S start at 3.800 AED per day.


Why McLaren P1 is not for rental?

McLaren calls this car the best in the world, and with good reason. Rent a McLaren P1 to see that all of the above is true. The combined power of a petrol twin-turbo V8 engine with a uniquely engineered electric motor gives this plug-in hybrid sports car the power of 916 hp using Formula 1 racing technology. This outstanding coupe is a hand-built supercar that is undoubtedly a worthy follower of the McLaren F1! A unique McLaren P1 system with Boost function allows the driver to use the full power of the engine. It uses a monocoque chassis, an active rear wing for DRS and a 7-speed automatic transmission (with manual mode). The P1 offers multiple driving modes including Launch, Electric (E-mode), Track, Race, and Sport. The battery can be charged in just 10 minutes using an electric motor (the company dubbed this feature a special "pit-lane" charging), or in 2 hours using a plug-in module. The electric motor can be operated manually or automatically.

Taking inspiration from the aerodynamics of fighter jets, the designers of the McLaren P1 endowed it with a flawless silhouette - elegant and functional at the same time. The interior is equally impressive to make your journey as comfortable as possible: climate control, navigation, and Meridian audio are just some of the highlights of this luxury sports car.

P1 is not for rental, however, we can organize McLaren P1 for Film-makers or celebrities.