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Rent Land Rover & Range Rover in Dubai

Land Rover and Range Rover rental in Dubai


Rent in Dubai and feel impressive power and unsurpassed comfort. 

Range Rover rental in Dubai is the choice of those who prefer uncompromising high-end cars and want to become the conqueror of any road. The SUV of the famous British brand is known all over the world for its impeccable operational and driving characteristics. The design of this car is admirable and reflects the strength and power that lie under the hood.

It is impossible not to note the innovativeness with which the engineers approached the development of every part of the Range Rover.  Advanced technological solutions are embodied in this vehicle to make your stay in the cabin as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


  • adaptation to road conditions;
  • reliable protection against overturning;
  • the convertible top folds down by lightly pressing a button while driving;
  • built-in sensors control obstacles on the way;
  • salon ideal in terms of ergonomics, convenience, functionality, luxury and innovation;
  • high performance;
  • all kinds of technologies and driver assistance systems;
  • modern optics;
  • multimedia system with subwoofer
  • cruise control.

Range Rover rental in Dubai is suitable for those who love adrenaline. You will be able to discover many new roads and conquer uncharted horizons in this powerful and omnipotent SUV. Choose this vehicle for a wedding, business trip or out-of-town travel - and you are guaranteed to be delighted with the new experience.

Rent Range Rover Sport in Dubai and emphasize your brutality

What does Range Rover Sport look like? These luxury cars look brutal, solid, expensive. Speaking specifically about the SVR modification, it differs from the usual one with powerful bumpers, large discs of the 21st radius, a long brake light strip on the upper spoiler of the trunk lid, and four exhaust pipes.

Under the hood of the Range Rover Sport SVR is a five-liter turbo monster with 550 horsepower. An eight-speed "automatic" ZF works in tandem with the motor.

On the road, you will feel omnipotent.

Range Rover Sport can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4,7 seconds and reach a maximum of 260 kilometers per hour.


  • brutal appearance;
  • amazing dynamics;
  • perfect smoothness of the course;
  • safety features.

Range Rover Sport rental price in Dubai starts from 900 AED per day.

Luxury 7-seater SUV Range Rover Sport SVR for the adorable price is available now in Dubai

Range Rover Sport SVR rental is a popular service from our company, which is provided on the most favorable terms.

We offer a car of the last years of production in the maximum configuration and perfect technical condition for the best price. You will get an incredible driving experience on Dubai roads.

To rent a Range Rover Sport SVR at Dubai Airport, you just need to tell the manager the time and place where you want the car rental to be delivered.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is a luxury sports car with improved performance. The car completely changes the view of luxury, surpassing other models of the brand in terms of equipment and dynamics. A seven-seater four-wheel drive SUV with a 5-liter 550 hp engine, with a comfortable leather interior, cruise control and a premium audio system, it will become an integral part of a comfortable ride.

Rent Range Rover Velar in Dubai and get the best companion for every situation.

The slightly predatory, brutal Range Rover Velar is definitely one of those cars that you want to rent in Dubai. The Range Rover Velar is the first expression of Range Rover's new design language. Elegant perfection of lines, innovative style and the richest technical equipment make it one of the most advanced cars in its class. Beautiful and elegant, Land Rover is the epitome of style from every angle.

Rent Range Rover cars in Dubai and get more than just your trusted friend, travel partner.  Rather, it will be a butler, kindly escorting on the road and taking all the necessary steps to ensure pleasant driving and comfort for both driver and passengers. The car has cruise control. The Range Rover Velar is the choice for those who value technology, strength, power, modern design, and versatility.

 The driver's seat seems to be impeccable not only due to the thoughtful design but also due to the harmonious combination of high-quality finishing materials.

 The car would seem to be masculine and serious, but at the same time light in the truest sense of the word: the body is 80% aluminum.  In such a vehicle it feels like you are hovering over the road.

 Your UAE journey with Land Rover Velar is sure to be unforgettable. And we will help you with this for the best price! We will deliver the car to wherever you are.

Rent a Range Rover Vogue in Dubai - a car that can handle everything

When people talk about premium cars, they represent beautiful sports cars, the main purpose of which is to impress others with their appearance. And about the Land Rover Vogue model, it cannot be said that it is not impressive, on the contrary, its design cannot be forgotten, it stands out and amazes with its precise lines. However, in addition to the exterior, it has something to surprise you.

Range Rover Vogue is not just a big vehicle, it is also as functional as possible. Sitting behind its steering wheel, you get the feeling that you are at the helm of an airplane because there are many levers, buttons, and screens around. A Land Rover Vogue rental in Dubai means you will get such a car without buying it when you need it.  Whether it's a holiday, a social event, a vacation, or an important meeting - the car is suitable for any occasion.

The luxurious salon of Land Rover Vogue is made of genuine leather and has noble wood inserts. All the necessary attributes for your comfort are available: a large touch screen, sports seats with heating and ventilation, a power steering wheel, rain and light sensors, cruise control, a system for descending and ascending a hill.

The spacious interior is quite convenient. Despite its size, it is easy to operate the vehicle, it does not heel, does not drift, it is responsive.

What experience will I get by driving a Range Rover in Dubai?

Range Rover rental in Dubai has a higher priority than most other locations. Driving a Range Rover in Dubai will bring you a lot of pleasant sensations. Dubai has perfect roads, beautiful views and many stunning popular places to visit. And it’s not a secret that everything in the city is tied to a car. It should be noted that renting a Land Rover in Dubai is a very affordable service. All our rental cars are in perfect technical condition.

What is the best time for Range Rover rental car in Dubai?

Availability of Range Rover for rent in Dubai

Seasonality of rent:

summer (May - August) - low season,  winter (September - April) - high season. Price policy

High prices from September to April, in summer - discounts and more affordable cars.

Where can I pick up my rental car?

We offer free car delivery to any place in Dubai. After the end of the rental period our stuff will pick up the car from your location. Mileage and condition of the car will be checked.

What are types of insurance are exist?

Basic insurance

Is included when renting any car with DRC. If the accident occurred through no fault of yours, the insurance fully covers all costs and replaces your car of the same class, in case of an accident through your fault, you pay 15% of the cost of repairs and access amount from 2000 to 15000 AED depending on the class of the car

CDW insurance

Full insurance or comprehensive insurance, not always available, depending on the class and model of the car. In the case of full insurance, all possible cases are paid by the insurance company. This service costs extra money, usually a lot.

What documents are needed to rent a Range Rover car in Dubai?

If you are a resident of the UAE an Emirates ID and driver's license are enough.

If you are a tourist: passport and driver's license.

What are payment methods?

You can pay by credit card, cash, cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT) - the latter should be emphasized that this is a great advantage.

What is a deposit system?

For all the requirements of a rental car in Dubai, any client is obliged to pay a deposit, which is returned in 21 business days after using the car. This is necessary because we can pay the fines that the client could receive while was using the car. The amount of the deposit depends on the car, usually from 1000 to 5000 AED. The money is returned to the card, it is possible to return it in cash or through WU. All this information will be registered in the rental agreement.

Where can I go by car?

You can travel all over the UAE. The daily mileage limit is 250 km. If you exceed it, there will be an additional payment for this (look in the rental contract, usually from 1 to 21 AED / km), depending on the Range Rover model this amount changes. If you want unlimited mileage, this will need to be discussed separately with the renter.