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Rent SUV cars in Dubai

SUV rental in Dubai


Renting an SUV in Dubai is one of the most popular requests of our clients. This is not surprising, since SUVs are practical and comfortable vehicles both in the city and beyond. In addition, SUVs are very roomy. This is very important when you are planning to travel by car with your family or with a large company. On our Car Rental Market, we have collected for you the best deals from trusted suppliers. 


Is it worth renting an SUV in Dubai?

Definitely worth it. SUVs are a great way to experience Dubai. It won't take you even half an hour to get to the desired place. Renting an SUV in Dubai is suitable for any purpose, whether it is a trip with the whole family out of the city or a meeting of business partners. This is because SUVs are about spaciousness, comfort, and safety.


What SUVs can be rented in Dubai?

Our Car Rental Market offers a large number of SUVs to choose for the best prices. You can choose an SUV that suits you in terms of price, size and technical characteristics. Here you will find luxury SUVs such as Cadillac, Maserati and Mercedes. If your budget is limited, then we suggest renting a Nissan or Toyota model. We advise businessmen to rent a Chevrolet Tahoe or Range Rover Sport. And to attract maximum attention to your person, we suggest you get behind the wheel of a Mercedes G63 AMG and find out what this legendary SUV is like.


How much does it cost to rent an SUV in Dubai?

SUVs, like other vehicles, are divided into classes ranging from economy to premium luxury SUVs such as Range Rover and Mercedes. You can afford to rent an SUV in Dubai even with a small budget. The price range is actually very wide. Prices start at AED 150 per day. For lovers of luxury cars, the rental price can even exceed 1000 AED per day.


What is the mileage limit?  What happens if I exceed it?

The lease process involves the signing of an agreement between the tenant and the lease service provider. The contract describes all the conditions of the lease, including the mileage limit. This item may differ slightly for each supplier. If you exceed the limit, then you will have to pay the amount specified in the contract for violating the agreed rules. On average, the limit is set at 250 km per day.


What services are not included in the cost of renting an SUV?

Car parking of an SUV, like that of another car, is not included in the rental price. Most parking lots in Dubai are paid for and covered by the tenant. Also, customers themselves pay Salik for traveling on toll roads. For traffic fines, damage to the car and other monetary expenses not specified in the contract, the client pays from his own budget. Therefore, we advise you to carefully read the contract before renting to avoid unplanned rental costs.