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Car Rental in Al Quoz, Dubai


    White Porsche Boxster, 2021

    This car is available 2 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 3,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    950 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

    Red Lexus LC500, 2020

    This car is available 5 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 5,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    1,400 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

    Black Lincoln Navigator, 2022

    This car is available

    Refundable deposit 5,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    1,400 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

Not all people think of visiting Al Quoz when they are in Dubai. However, the area is a great place in Dubai and offers opportunities to dine and get culturally active. 

In addition, the region hosts many hotels and even residential areas. You can also find neat and clean industrial zones tucked amidst the blocks of the district. 

Therefore, many people also visit Al Quoz for business and commercial purposes. As a result, the car rental service is top-rated in the town. You will find many visitors and locals renting cars to tour the region or visit their clients. 

The roads in Dubai are well-maintained, and you can drive around the district effortlessly. Everyone also follows the traffic rules and encourages a safe driving culture in Dubai. 

So, you can also rent a car today and check out the attractions nearby in Dubai.

Best Places to Visit in Al Quoz 

This district in Dubai is a great choice to indulge in art and culture. You will come across several art galleries and exhibition centers to get a heavy dose of creativity.

Additionally, you may check out the Antique Museum or visit the Courtyard Playhouse. Other top attractions include the Al Quoz Park and Raffles Botanical Garden. 

You may also head over to Madinat Theater to catch a show or watch a play at The Junction. 

The district in Dubai gives you plenty of things to do even if you are visiting on business.

Rent a Car in Al Quoz for Work or Pleasure

We are among the top car rental services in Dubai. You can rent a car from us with complete peace of mind and assurance. All our cars are in excellent condition, and you will find driving them a charm.

Best of all, our car hire agency in Dubai has a vast collection of vehicles, from economy cars to luxury models like Rolls-Royce. 

So, you can always rent a car as per your needs. Contact us today or choose your car from our website today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which vehicles are available for car rental in Al Quoz?

    We stock different models of Audi, Bentley, Suzuki, Lexus, Nissan, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, MacLaren, and more. Additionally, you can select from the economy, luxury, sports cars, SUVs, and convertible categories. Browse our collection to know more.

  • What charges do I have to pay to hire a car in Al Quoz?

    You may have to pay anything from upwards of 100 AED to rent a vehicle in Dubai. The charges vary based on the model and category you choose. For example, supercars cost more than SUVs.

  • Why should I hire a vehicle in Al Quoz?

    You can cover most of the attractions in the district with a rental car. You can also take your vehicles for appointments with clients. The roads are smooth, and everyone abides by traffic regulations.

  • How can I rent a car in Al Quoz?