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Rent Lexus in Dubai

Lexus rental in Dubai

  • Silver Lexus LX 570, 2020 Free deliveryFree delivery Full insuranceFull insurance credit cardRefundable deposit 2,000 AED 5% VAT Tax included5% VAT Tax included speedometr Allowed mileage 250 km a day
    Very good 4 review
    Free cancellation available
    1,200 AED day
    Monthly price by request
    Red Lexus LC500, 2020 Free deliveryFree delivery Full insuranceFull insurance credit cardRefundable deposit 5,000 AED 5% VAT Tax included5% VAT Tax included speedometr Allowed mileage 250 km a day
    Very good 5 review
    Free cancellation available
    1,400 AED day
    Monthly price by request

Prestigious looking car is available in Dubai. Hire Lexus for your trip in Dubai

Lexus is one of the leaders of rental luxury cars in the UAE. This is a stylish, presentable car that meets all the requirements for comfort and safety.

Genuine leather and wood trim, spacious interior, multimedia system, heated and ventilated seats - the technical equipment and design of Lexus cars make it as comfortable, safe, and reliable as possible. Such a car will give your image status and solidity, a solemn event - chic and delight, and an ordinary family trip - convenience.

 Lexus cars are ordered in UAE for all occasions:

* For the wedding;
* For work;
* For photoshoots and creative events and presentations;
* For family travel and just city trips.


The ultimate SUV Lexus 570 is available for rental in Dubai

Lexus cars are considered one of the best in the car rental market in Dubai.

It has long been known that Lexus has always strived for excellence, and that is why the LX570 delivers that excellence. The car attracts with the beauty of its dynamics, its elegance, and impressive power.

The LX570 will surprise you with its new 4.6-liter V8 engine. The power of such an engine is 380 hp. With this power, the engineers decided to equip this car with an 8-speed gearbox.  This will help the driver to fully enjoy the potential of the engine. Such a transmission will provide the car with a smooth movement, which will create a unique driving comfort. Thanks to the excellent sound insulation of the car interior, the sound of the engine are barely noticeable, this allows you to enjoy the beauty of its sound.

Lexus LX570 pleases not only with its power and elegance but also with a high level of safety for its passengers. As expected from the Lexus developers, the car was equipped with a large number of automated steering assistance systems.

The first thing to notice about the latest Lexus LX570 systems is the integrated vehicle dynamics control, which works in sync with the steering gear. This system provides the vehicle with better road contact and excellent cornering stability. Another thing the LX570 is famous for in the safety system is its unique head restraints. The new head restraints will provide better protection against head injuries when the head is tilted backward.

Rent Lexus LX570 in UAE for approximately 1200 AED a day. 


The premium sedan Lexus IS is available for rental in Dubai

The updated version of this car is intended to become the most driver's model in the class. Lexus IS has improved steering, more responsive suspension. By renting Lexus IS in Dubai, you will receive a comfortable car that meets the highest expectations from a model of this class.

Externally, the IS looks dignified, has an attractive streamlined shape, a characteristic grille, and slanted headlights.

Inside the car is very technologically advanced and modern. The devices are easy to read and conveniently located. The seats are as comfortable as possible.

Climate control is regulated by special sensor strips. Ergonomics, as always, are at their best. The generously sized luggage compartment with a capacity of 450 liters allows you to travel comfortably even over long distances.

You can choose between two versions of the engine installed on this sedan. It can be a hybrid IS 300h engine with a total capacity of 223 horsepower or a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 208 horsepower.

A car with a gasoline engine accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds, a hybrid in 8.4 seconds.

IS will be an excellent rental choice for those looking for a modern, powerful, prestigious car at an affordable price. Its main advantages are comfort and ease of management.


Are you looking nice-looking Crossover in Dubai? Hire Lexus RX for your trip

Maximum comfort combined with stylish design and powerful engine are the main qualities for which this model is valued. Rental Lexus RX in Dubai is ideal for both men and women. Easy to operate, spacious and roomy, it will meet any requirement.

Externally, the car has despite its serious size a sporty streamlined look.

The trunk is quite roomy: 553 liters, which, when the rear sofa is folded down, turns into 1626 liters.

The all-around view of cameras and a large number of additional options will help you better navigate the road and park. To facilitate driving, some of the buttons are located on the steering wheel. There is a choice of modes: Eco, Normal, Sport S.

The large display with excellent resolution brings all the information you need to the screen.

The car is equipped with a 2-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 238 hp paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. At the same time, the inside of the rented car will always be quiet, even if you open the hatch. 

This is one of the most comfortable rental cars. It has everything you need: power, reliability, comfort. This is a status model that will work for the image. Lexus RX series rental price in Dubai is about 600 AED per day. 


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