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Car Rental in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers or JLT is a popular residential area in Dubai. It houses around 80 towers on the banks of four artificial lakes. 

The region is full of young folks, cyclists, tourists, and locals who visit the area for different purposes. Recently, the region is also offering many long-term accommodations for people who want to live in this part of Dubai for a while. 

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is best discovered by a car because of the excellent connectivity. You can rent a car here and check out all the attractions. 

Moreover, a car rental service may allow you to visit Dubai's nearby cities and destinations. Therefore, many choose car hire service as a way to travel around. 

The Best Destinations to Visit in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

JLT has top attractions like the rest of Dubai. You can stay in a hotel or villa for months to bask in the local culture and arts scene. 

The lakes are great to chill and relax. You can also dine at some of the best restaurants in Dubai to satisfy your taste buds. 

Additionally, you can take a walk by the lakes to watch the sunrise. 

Moreover, you can rent a car and tour places like Dubai city or Abu Dhabi. Some people may also prefer to head over to Dubai Marina to hit the beach. 

Rent a Car in Jumeirah Lake Towers Today

Our car rental service has got your back in JLT. You can rent a car from well-known manufacturers and get the best deals in Dubai. 

We have a simple booking process and no hidden fees. Our car rental agency even delivers your car for free at your location. 

Rent a car from our website today or contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What fees to pay for car hire in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)?

    You will need to pay the same fees of 100 AED or more to hire an economy car in Dubai. Luxury cars, sports cars, and supercars have higher rental fees.

  • Which car models may I rent in JLT?

    You may rent cars from Ferrari, McLaren, Audi, and other manufacturers. We also let you choose from categories like SUVs, crossovers, and economy cars.

  • Do I get any free mileage when I hire a vehicle in JLT?

    We provide free mileage with all your cars in the whole of Dubai. You will get approximately 250 km free with each car you rent.

  • Will I get insurance with my car in Jumeirah Lake Towers?

    You will be able to choose from different insurance plans when you hire a car from us. We will help you pick the right insurance based on your needs.

  • Is there any deposit fee for hiring cars in JLT?

    You will need to pay a security deposit of 1,000 AED or more. The exact amount depends on the brand and model you select.


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