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Rent Dodge Charger in Dubai

American Muscle car Dodge Charger is available for rent in Dubai


Rent Dodge Charger to feel yourself a part of the Fast & Furious family with Dominic Torreto

Dodge Charger Cabrio is an executive car, but it can harmoniously fit into any event. Dodge Charger rental in UAE suitable for wedding procession or a photo session. This car will be able to focus on the status of its owner.

The comfortable interior is presented with soft leather trim. The roof is made of solid materials. The process of folding the ceiling and returning it back takes no more than 20 seconds.

Dodge Charger characteristics:

* the engine is a 3.6-liter unit with 179 horsepower;
* top speed is 233km/h;
* acceleration to a speed of 100 km/h in 6 seconds.

The cabin has climate control, which ensures comfortable conditions for passengers to stay in Emirates summer heat. The center panel is equipped with a screen that performs not only entertainment functions, but also provides information from satellite systems. Installed high-quality acoustics, allowing you to fully enjoy the music played in the highest quality.

The Dodge Charger Cabrio is a car equipped with a complete package of electronics. The safety of each passenger is also fully thought out. For this, the car has airbags in the doors, in the knee area. The seats are made with lateral support.

The machine is equipped with an automatic transmission. Switching speeds is smooth without jerking, there are no delays when shifting to another speed. This adds comfort and driving dynamics.

Dodge Charger rental price in Dubai starts from 500 AED a day. But other Dodge cars are also available for rent at our car rental platform.