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Rent Sports cars in Dubai

Sports cars rental in Dubai

Rent a Sports Car in Dubai for the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Countless clients around the world trust us to provide the best car rental experience. And why not? Our company has a vast network of suppliers to offer you the most extensive collection of sports vehicles. You will not find so many high-end and superfast cars to quench your adrenaline thirst anywhere else.

We also guarantee you the best price for any category of car you hire. Whether it’s Porsche 911 or the Bentley Continental GT, you get the best deal without exceptions.

Best of all, we deliver your car for free to your doorstep, hotel, or Dubai International Airport. Just leave your pickup details while booking your car, and we will take care of the rest.

Additionally, you can get in touch with us for any questions or assistance. We have 24/7 support to lend you a helping hand, even if it’s 3 am.

Choose your vehicle from our collection today and feel the speed.

Dubai – A City that Spells Luxury

Dubai is the best destination to indulge. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, life has more to offer when you step into the City of Gold. Luxury accompanies you in every step, from your personal butler to relaxing Jacuzzis to top designer fashion.

No wonder cars in Dubai are also luxurious and feature top-end models. You will feel like a king driving around the town in a Lamborghini or even Rolls Royce. So, rent a sports car today and take it to the streets for the ultimate ride!

How does it Feel to Drive a Sports Car in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world. It sports a robust infrastructure of high-quality roads and transport systems. You will never come across a pothole or need to worry about the ground clearance of your car.

Additionally, Dubai is among the safest places to drive. We have strict traffic laws that prevent unwanted accidents and make driving a pleasure. Moreover, CCTV cameras installed at every street corner ensure no one steals your car or causes any damage.

You can cruise around town to soak in the culture and witness the spectacle of a luxurious lifestyle. But don’t forget to keep up, as you will see several Ferraris and McLaren drive by!

In addition, choose us for all your car rentals in Dubai.

Daily Car Rental in Dubai – Get the Best Deals

Do you want a rental car for a day or two?

Our daily car rental service in Dubai is perfect if you want to hire a vehicle for a day. We have an extensive collection for your choice and a simple booking process. It is ideal for people looking for short-term car rental in Dubai.

Therefore, if you want to drive a Ford Mustang or Corvette, call us now. You can also check out our selection above and book your sports car online. We provide a free mileage limit of 250 to 300 kilometers per day with every vehicle.

Additionally, we can guarantee you the best rental price. So, choose us for any vehicle rental in Dubai.

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai – Drive a Sports Car with Zero Hassle

We provide a monthly car rental service for clients who want more. You can book a sports car from us for the whole month at affordable prices. Therefore, it is like owning your very own Lamborghini or McLaren without worries of maintenance.

Get in touch with us to rent the best sports class vehicles for the long term. You can also fill up the form on the page of your chosen vehicle to check availability right now.

Select from a Wide Collection of International Sports Car Brands

DubaiRentaCar.ae is the best sports cars rental company in Dubai. We stock the top international models that have won fame and recognition around the world. Here is a look at some of the top rental cars you can find in our collection:


You can take out an Audi for a spin from our car rental right now. We have the best-in-class vehicles from Audi so that you will never have to compromise. Our four-wheeler rental in Dubai offers models like Audi R8 and Audi Q3 for the ultimate driving pleasure.


Ferraris need no introduction. You can blaze through highways and feel the blast of wind on your face riding around town. Our car rental in Dubai has top models for you, such as:

  • Ferrari Portofino
  • Ferrari 488
  • Ferrari Roma
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo

You can hire a Ferrari today from us and turn heads on the street right away!


It is a dream of many to drive a Lamborghini. We make it possible for you to own the best car in the world for a day or even a month. You can hire leading models like:

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Lamborghini Huracan

Book your Lamborghini today from our rental in Dubai for complete peace of mind.


McLarens are the king of the road. You don’t even feel like you are driving a car. Instead, you feel like flying, glazing on the smooth roads of Dubai and around.

You can book several McLaren models, such as:

  • McLaren 570S Spyder
  • McLaren GT
  • McLaren 720S

Additionally, we stock Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and more! Book a sports car today to get a taste of speed and luxury.

Rent Your Sports Car from DubaiRentaCar.AE

We are the best car rental company in Dubai to offer you the best models from international car brands. You can book a car today and join the list of our happy car rental customers.

We have a simple ordering process compared to other car rental companies in Dubai. Our team is also available for any queries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, you can hire a vehicle with full confidence and trust.

Additionally, you can enjoy several benefits from our car rental service. The best one is free delivery anywhere in the city. We even deliver your vehicle outside the town for an additional fee.

Rent your dream car from us today for a fantastic experience. You can also get in touch if you have any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documents do I need to rent a sports car?

    Residents of UAE will need to produce a valid Emirates ID and driver’s license to rent a car. Tourists can hire a vehicle with their passport and driving license. Additionally, you should be at least 21 years old to rent a car in the UAE.
  • How can I pay for the rental charges?

    We accept all popular payment methods, including international options. You can pay for your sports vehicle using a credit card or cash. In addition, we also accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT coins).
  • Do I need to pay any deposit to rent a car in Dubai?

    We charge a minimum deposit at the time of renting your car. The charge helps us cover any fine or damages that happen due to the client. The deposit amount ranges between 1,000 to 5,000 AED. We refund the deposit charges 21 days after the end of the rental period. You can get the refund on your card, in cash, or via Western Union.
  • What is the best time to rent a vehicle in Dubai?

    The best time to explore the city in a car is between November and March. The weather is pleasant at this time, and you can tour the region in comfort. It is also the time when the city is full of tourists. On the other hand, the lean season is between April and October. Temperatures get hot during this time, and the number of tourists is also low.
  • What insurance options can I choose from while renting a sports car?

    Any car from DRC comes with basic insurance. The insurance will pay for all damages if the client is not responsible for the accident. Additionally, we will replace your vehicle with a car of the same class. However, clients will have to pay 15% of the total repair cost if they are responsible for the accident.  They may also need to provide an additional amount of 2,000 to 15,000 AED based on the class of the rental vehicle. Clients may also avail of CWD insurance if available for the model and class of the car. We also offer full insurance that covers all costs irrespective of anything. But it can turn out to be expensive.
  • Do I need to stay within any speed limits?

    Dubai has strict rules about speed limits that you should follow. Otherwise, you will have to pay huge fines that range between 400 and 3,000 AED. Look at the signboards on the road to know the respective speed limits. Generally, you should never cross 120 km/h, even on highways.
  • How many kilometers are included in the rental charges?

    You get 250 – 300 km free for every car you rent from DRC. However, you will have to pay additional charges once you cross the free kilometers. We charge around 25 AED for every additional kilometer you drive beyond the free limit.
  • Why should I choose DubaiRentaCar for sports car rental?

    DubaiRentaCar is the best destination to find the latest cars. We can offer you a huge collection of top models to drive around the town. Additionally, we have clear pricing and don’t trouble you with hidden charges. Best of all, we also deliver your car for free anywhere in the city.
  • How can I use DRC’s car rental service?

    You can rent any car from DRC in a few simple steps. Browse our car collection and click on the vehicle you want to rent. Next, select your rental period and provide your name, email, and mobile number. You can then check the availability of the vehicle and rent it at your convenience.
  • What are the fuel policies?

    We provide enough fuel with every car to drive to a filling station without problems. The client is responsible for refueling the car based on their needs. Fuel charges are not covered under the rental fees.
  • Is it safe to drive in Dubai?

    Dubai has wonderful roads and strict traffic laws. You will find signals and speed limit signs on every road. In addition, the roads are under CCTV surveillance for utmost safety. Therefore, you can rent a vehicle with complete peace of mind in Dubai.
  • Can you deliver the rental car to the address I provide?

    We will deliver your car to your doorstep at no extra cost within city limits. You can be at the hotel or the airport and get your delivery right there. Mention your pickup location while renting the car, and we will send it as per your timing.
  • What are the best places to enjoy a drive in Dubai?

    The whole of the city is excellent to drive around in your sports car. You can also check out the famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, or the famous aquarium. Additionally, you can go for long drives to Ras al-Khaimah and Dibba.
  • Can I use Google Maps to navigate the roads?

    Google Maps works well in UAE, and you can rely on it for navigation. In addition, you can use Waze for Android mobiles to find your way. Else, you can rely on RTA Smart Drive that works even without an internet connection.
  • Can I get free parking in Dubai?

    Most popular malls, restaurants, and hotels offer free parking for guests. You can also keep your car in city parking zones without any trouble. Additionally, you will get plenty of paid parking spaces to park your vehicle.

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