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Rent Range Rover Velar in Dubai

Range Rover Velar rental in Dubai


Are you looking modern affordable Range Rover for your trip? Hire Range Rover Velar and enjoy the comfort

The slightly predatory, brutal Range Rover Velar is definitely one of those cars that you want to rent in Dubai. The Range Rover Velar is the first expression of Range Rover's new design language. Elegant perfection of lines, innovative style, and the richest technical equipment make it one of the most advanced cars in its class. Beautiful and elegant, Land Rover is the epitome of style from every angle.

Rent a Range Rover in Dubai and get more than just your trusted friend, travel partner.  Rather, it will be a butler, kindly escorting on the road and taking all the necessary steps to ensure pleasant driving and comfort for both driver and passengers. The Range Rover Velar is the right companion for every situation.

The sleek, muscular body shape, rounded corners, and retractable handles give the model better aerodynamics than previous versions.

The driver's seat seems to be impeccable not only due to the thoughtful design but also due to the harmonious combination of high-quality finishing materials.

The machine is distinguished, first of all, by its manufacturability: there are practically no buttons inside, they have turned into two ten-inch touch screens. The screens look organically in the interior.

The upper display is responsible for controlling the audio system, video cameras, and also for synchronizing with a smartphone. Its tilt angle can be changed depending on the sunlight. In this car your favorite tracks will sound like you are at a concert of the singer.

On the lower platform - regulation of climate control, heating, seat positions. To change the mode, you can simply touch the icon on the display.

The car would seem to be masculine and serious, but at the same time light in the truest sense of the word: the body is 80% aluminum.  In such a car it feels like you are hovering over the road.

Your UAE journey with Velar is sure to be unforgettable. And we will help you with this!  We will deliver the car to wherever you are.  The Range Rover Velar is the choice for those who value technology, strength, power, modern design and versatility.