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Rent Suzuki Jimny in Dubai

Suzuki Jimny rental in Dubai

  • Silver Suzuki Jimny, 2021

    This car is available 8 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 2,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    400 AED / day
    Monthly price by request
  • Blue Suzuki Jimny, 2020

    This car is available 3 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 2,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    750 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

Have you ever seen G Wagon-looking small car? It is a Suzuki Jimny that have changed to G Wagon. Rent one of the favorite UAE cars Suzuki Jimny in Dubai

Suzuki Jimny is a compact budget 4x4 Jeep for off-road lovers. The car has a high level of comfort and safety. This compact car is equipped with airbags in a circle. Even with active driving, the car does not lose its characteristics and in terms of reliability is comparable to Japanese cars from Toyota and Mazda. So renting a Suzuki Jimny in Dubai is an excellent choice.

Due to the small volume of the engine, this car consumes a minimum amount of fuel. In the city, consumption does not exceed 10 liters, off-road up to 13 liters. If you want to save on fuel costs, but at the same time enjoy the ride on an all-wheel-drive SUV, then Suzuki Jimny rental in the UAE is the best option for you.

This car is ideal for an extreme trip. It easily overcomes pits and is not afraid of sharp stones. Even at high-speed Jimny easily takes turns.

The car has a 1.3-liter engine and an automatic transmission. There is also a plug-in four-wheel drive that can be engaged at a speed of 100 km / h. The maximum speed of the car is 140 km / h, and the acceleration to hundreds of 14.1 seconds. Fuel consumption from 6 to 9 liters.

The interior of the car looks quite functional, it matches the exterior. Suzuki Jimny is equipped with air conditioning, power mirrors, front power windows, two airbags, and fog lights. The upholstery is fabric as standard, and leather is at the top version.

The salon can accommodate 4 people. The front seats are very comfortable, the rear seats will only be comfortable for a child or teenager since there is not much space there.  If necessary you can install a child seat.

The luggage compartment of the car is 113 liters, but if you fold the rear row of seats, then the volume increases to 324 liters, and if the trunk is filled to the ceiling, the volume is 816 liters. Hence the conclusion that this compact SUV is perfect for traveling in the UAE. But you can also take a look at other cars for rent in Dubai.