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Rent Rolls Royce Ghost in Dubai

Rolls Royce Ghost rental in Dubai

  • Black Rolls Royce Ghost, 2020

    This car is available 3 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 5,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    3,500 AED 3,000 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

    White Rolls Royce Ghost, 2018

    This car is available 2 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 5,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    3,000 AED / day
    Monthly price by request
  • Silver Rolls Royce Ghost, 2019

    This car is available 5 people are interested

    Refundable deposit 5,000 AED, Allowed mileage 250 km a day, Free delivery

    3,400 AED / day
    Monthly price by request

Enjoy the luxury of Rolls-Royce Ghost which one is like a palace on wheels

Sitting in the Rolls-Royce Ghost, you will experience a real thrill - it's not a trembling knee, it's something else that makes you breathless.
These are the feelings that everyone who is familiar with this car describes. The Ghost, like many premium cars, has a long wheelbase.  Both the front and rear axles of this luxury car are equipped with air suspension. When developing this car, the engineers focused on the comfort in the cabin.

Here are some situations for renting Rolls-Royce in Dubai:
•    Wedding. The most common reason for renting such a vehicle is an event that should be remembered as much as possible. Therefore, a stylish, luxurious car is the best candidate for such an important event.
•    Premium transfer. If there is a need to deliver a business partner to or from the airport or get from there on your own with maximum comfort, it is difficult to find a better option.
•    Business trips. Rolls-Royce is perfect for business leaders who want to travel with a hired driver for business purposes to another city or within the same city.

Passengers will especially like driving a Rolls-Royce Ghost — there is a special multimedia system for them, a massage mode near the seats and a lot of free space. Rolls-Royce cars are not made to drive. You need to enjoy such a car, reclining on the back couch. This will make you feel like a truly important person.

Why is Rolls-Royce Ghost rental in Dubai attractive?
•    Prestigious, status car for VIP-persons.
•    Recognizable classic design and luxurious interior.
•    Leather interior of the highest quality material.
•    Multifunctional climate control system.
•    Ability to create private areas.
•    The rent includes modern acoustics and monitors.
•    Bar with glasses and other little things that determine the comfort and status of the car.

Due to the unique decoration of the spacious interior, you will not believe that you are in the car! The power of Rolls-Royce Ghost is 563 hp, maximum speed is 250 km/h. Body type is sedan. Rent Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai for about 2,500 AED per day.

How much is a deposit for the rent Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai?

5,000 AED deposit required for renting this luxury car

Do I need to book a car in advance?

Yes, especially between November and April.  At this time, there are many tourists in Dubai and the demand for cars is very high.

What documents are needed to rent a Rolls-Royce car in Dubai?

If you are a resident of the UAE an Emirates ID and driver's license are enough.
If you are a tourist: passport and driver's license. 

What are payment methods?

You can pay by credit card, cash, cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT). 

Can I be sure that I will receive the car in good condition?

Yes, sure. We provide vehicles in perfect technical condition. Also, the salon is always dry-cleaned.